Your Home Has New Year’s Resolutions, Too

Now that the new year is here, people across the country are beginning to set goals for themselves. From weight loss and exercise to quitting smoking, there are many popular New Year’s Resolutions that Americans commonly set. In January, we reflect on ourselves and how we can improve, but do we ever stop and think about making our home a better place to live?

Just because you are quitting smoking, doesn’t mean your home should! What we mean is, chimneys are critical for providing heat and ventilation. Plus, nowadays, chimney flues and fireplaces are a lot more eco-friendly than they were fifty years ago!


So, what things should you add to your home’s New Year’s resolution checklist this year?

  • Start Smoking – Not you, silly! We are talking about your home, remember? Whether you need to heat your stove, your home, or your family, there are plenty of environmentally sound fossil fuels such as softwood pellets and condensed firewood that burn efficiently and produce minimal ash and pollution. Clean energy is the future, and the best part is that it’s cost-effective and safe!

  • Repair Bricks – Brick houses are works of art. They are rustic, proud structures that exude strength and tradition. – Unless of course, they are cracked or chipped. Protect your investment by having a specialist rework brick lining and replace broken bricks. This will also improve insulation by keeping rainwater and cold air outside where they belong. For more information on our brick pointing in Philadelphia and the nearby towns, call 215-396-4294.

  • Hardscaping – Renovate your home by adding beautiful brick work and stone work around your walkways, paths, pools, patios, flowers, trees, and anything else! Get creative. A relatively quick and easy job can make a world of difference.


Whether you need a reliable chimney sweep or masonry expert in Philadelphia or Bucks County, Above All Chimneys can help. We take pride in working on custom projects that will turn your 2017 home into something that will be talked about for years and years to come. Email anytime and we will get right back to you with a free estimate. Have a happy and healthy new year!

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