What To Do With Your Fireplace in the Summer

It’s improbable that you will need to use your fireplace over the summer months, apart from a rare evening when temperatures cool down more than usual. As the leading provider of chimney repair and assistance with masonry in Philadelphia, we’ve pooled our thoughts together and picked our favorite tips on what to do with your fireplace this summer.

Clean out your Fireplace

When large amounts of creosote and soot accumulate over time, chimney fires can occur and could damage the chimney or roof of your home. Although professional chimney sweeps are recommended to clean out the hard-to-reach areas, you can start this process yourself. Use a shovel to collect the ashes up, follow up by using a vacuum to collect any additional debris. Try not to neglect the areas that aren’t immediately visible and remember that furnace flue systems also require cleaning.

Arrange Professional Inspection or Cleaning

Summer is an ideal time to book cleaning and inspections for your chimney. For safety purposes, we recommend scheduling a chimney inspection at least once per year. Professional chimney sweeps can identify problems before they become serious, having money and time for our clients. Sometimes we can spot a fracture, that could potentially cause a fire inside your home.

Decorate Your Fireplace

Since the fireplace will be out of use in the warmer months, many people get creative and decorate the centerpiece. Decorating the hearth area can change the atmosphere of a living space immediately.

You can decorate your fireplace by:

  • Covering the firebox with a painting.
  • Using the space to exhibit antiques.
  • Adding a selection of candles to create ambiance in your living space.
  • Covering the space with beautiful plants and flowers, bringing a bit of summertime inside your home.
  • Filling up the fireplace area with chopped wood in preparation for the summer. This works great for storage and authenticates the area with a display of beautiful natural resources.

There’s plenty to do with your fireplace area over the summer months. But before you do anything, call the leading providers of chimney repair in Philadelphia to book in your summer fireplace inspection at 215-664-8884, or click here to contact us online.

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