What to Do If an Animal Is Stuck in the Chimney

Scratch, scratch, scratch. What on EARTH is that noise coming from the chimney? Chances are, it’s an unwelcome guest trying to get out. Homeowners who have a fire place in their residence have probably dealt with strange sounds coming from their chimney at one point or another. And, as the chimney cleaning experts of Philadelphia, we have seen our fair share of animals and other objects getting stuck. Cats, squirrels and birds are just a few of the animals we have found in flues all across the region. Even with a rain cap to prevent animals from getting in, occasionally nature can still conquer. Take the quiz below to see which animals are likely and unlikely to make their way into your chimney:

Prevent Animals from Entering with a Chimney Sweep Service

When an animal gets stuck in the flue, it can pose a threat to the condition of the chimney, the inside of your home, your family and the animal itself – especially if it is a raccoon! To protect your chimney from the mammals of the area (except for you of course!) have a qualified chimney sweeper inspect and clean your smokestack. Without disrupting your house, the technician will thoroughly examine the inner components to make sure it is in top condition. If your rain cap is damaged or missing, he may suggest that you have one installed to halt creatures from having access to the flue.

A chimney sweep service will also check to make sure the chimney doesn’t have any damages to it, as well as extra spaces where animals can get in. We also highly suggest that you have your chimney swept professionally before you start using it for the cold weather season to avoid any possible fire hazards.

Call Animal Control Service

If there’s an animal stuck in your chimney, frantically scratching to get out, it’s easy to feel bad for the little guy. It probably didn’t mean to disturb your home and was just looking for a warm place to nest for the winter. However, your new neighborhood friend has got to go if you want to protect your home and fireplace. Rather than call up the fire department, contact your local animal control service. They respond to emergencies at any time of the day and will have the expertise and tools for getting the animal out safely.

Things You Can Do Until Help Arrives

As you wait for animal control to arrive, DON’T PANIC! There are a few tasks you can perform before they arrive. Check out this video for some essential do’s and don’ts and then continue reading below for more details:

  • Don’t light your fireplace to smoke the animal out of the chimney. It can harm the animal and possibly cause damage to the flue in the process.
  • Close up the fireplace so that the animal does not enter your house.
  • You can try scaring the animal out of the chimney by making loud noises.
  • Close all of the doors surrounding the fireplace to enclose the area.

Don’t let any animals make a home in your chimney this winter season. Have your chimney swept and cleaned by a professional to ensure animals can’t enter.

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