What Happens During a Chimney Cleaning Appointment?

Is your chimney caked with thick creosote and soot? If so, it’s time to have it cleaned by a professional, who will be able to provide a thorough cleaning and inspection of the chimney. Otherwise, how else is Santa Clause going to be able to come down the flue to bring presents for the family? Having the chimney cleaned right before the holidays will not only make the home a safer environment, but will also give you good points on Santa’s nice list.



Once the fall season arrives, the fireplace is used more frequently. To keep it in top condition, homeowners can turn the burden of cleaning it over to a skilled chimney sweeper. But what exactly happens during a cleaning appointment and what do they do? To provide a general laydown of what goes on during a cleaning, we’ve created a detailed explanation of the chore.


When the technician arrives at your home, he will put a drop cloth around the chimney area and position lights so he can see into the chimney. He will have a variety of brushes and tools, including a handy vacuum system.


First, all of the bricks and parts of the chimney will be examined for any possible issues, such as cracks or crumbling. This is conducted both on the inside and outside and, if any repairs need to be done, the technician will record it in a report to hand to you, the homeowner. The repairs will come with a quote and can be fixed during another appointment.


The technician will be wearing protective gear to keep himself safe from exposure to soot and dust. The damper of the chimney is checked to ensure it is correctly positioned to ensure a hazard-free fireplace, and that energy is being conserved.


The vacuum is used to remove particles and dust from the chimney. While it is operating, the chimney cleaner will use a stiff brush to clean off the fireplace walls.


After the cleaning is finished, the technician will provide the homeowner with the results of the inspection, including suggestions of parts that may need to be installed or replaced. For example, if the chimney is missing a cap, it will need one installed to block leaves, animals and rainwater from getting in.



Lastly, all of the tools, equipment and drop cloths are picked up and cleared away to put the room back exactly the way it was before the technician started his task. He will then answer any questions you may have about your fireplace and chimney.


To find an experienced company that specializes in providing chimney sweeps in Bucks County, PA, make sure that the business is certified and well-educated about the service. Once the fireplace is cleaned, you and the family can enjoy time together by the hearth. Now that Santa has a clear passageway, all you’ll have to do is figure out what kind of cookies to leave out.



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