The Differences Between Landscaping & Hardscaping

While landscaping is a common practice that most are familiar with, hardscaping is a lesser known [but equally as important] process that can help to transform a home. Many times the two can go hand-in-hand when renovating a home’s exterior. In this blog post, we will explore some basic differences between the two as well as discuss how these services can work together.

Landscaping – This service involves grooming your yard’s living things – including trees, shrubs, bushes, soil, and plants. From mowing the lawn to trimming branches and removing weeds, it’s important to keep up with your landscaping to maintain your yard’s health and image.

Hardscaping – Hardscaping focuses on the solid, inanimate objects that make up your home’s exterior. Sidewalks, bricks, stones, paths, patios, walls, fences… you get the point. Many times these items are located nearby trees, bushes, and plants to maximize your property’s beauty.

Combining Landscaping & Hardscaping – Many times hardscaping projects are done in conjunction with nearby trees, bushes, and plants to maximize your property’s beauty. Guests love walking down an enchanted path, full of colorful flowers, stones, and plants. It gives homes a more relaxing aura and gives children the option to play safely on the grass while their family supervisors from the hardscaped foundation.

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Whether you are listing your house on the market or just having date night with your significant other, it’s important to make sure the property is aesthetically pleasing and safe to walk on.

No matter the scope of your ‘scape, Above All Chimney can help. We specialize in hardscaping, masonry, and chimney services ranging from repairs to new installations. Our 30 years of experience has given us the expertise to make the best recommendations to help your home or business give off the right image while maximizing functionality. All of our quotes are customized to cater to the customers needs. Our work is quick and efficient, and our prices are straightforward and reasonable.

From Bucks County masonry work to chimney service across Bucks County and the surrounding towns (a 20-mile radius!), we are more than happy to work side-by-side with you to turn your home into a true paradise.

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