Start the New Year with a Chimney Inspection

Now that we’ve welcomed 2018, you can make good on your resolution to better protect your house and your family with a chimney inspection from Above All Chimney & Masonry. Paying attention to the specific needs of your home and getting your chimney an annual inspection can allow your to catch problems early and get you the chimney repair in Philadelphia that you need to avoid more expensive and time-consuming repairs later on.

The goal of an annual chimney inspection is to locate any areas that might need maintenance or repair in the coming year. During your chimney inspection, our professional team will thoroughly look through your flue, rain caps, crowns, smoke shelf, smoke chamber and damper, as well as inspect the masonry that composes the chimney.

Then, we’ll let you know what type of condition your chimney is in, and recommend any necessary repairs. We at Above All Chimney & Masonry are proud to be a full-service masonry company, and we can schedule your appointment for repairs as soon as an issue is noticed.

As a responsible homeowner, you want to do everything that you can to keep you and your family safe. Just like you need to go to the doctor for an annual checkup, your chimney needs a “check-up” once a year as well to make sure that your fires are burning safely and your home is not at risk of damage.

Now is the time for homeowners to make their appointment for a chimney inspection to start 2018 off the safe and smart way. If you’d like to learn more about our chimney inspection process or you’re interested in our other services providing masonry to Montgomery County, PA, give us a call at ​215-664-8884 or fill out a contact form on our website for a free estimate.

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