Some Causes and Signs of a Blocked Chimney

For our team here at Above All Chimney & Masonry, the fall season tends to be our busiest as local families prepare their homes for the coming cold. As some of the autumn chill starts to settle in, many people’s thoughts turn towards getting their chimneys properly inspected and cleaned to ensure that they’re in top condition so that the fireplace is ready to go.

Many chimneys acquire blockages at the beginning of the autumn season for a variety of reasons. What causes these blockages, and how do you recognize the signs?

Causes of Autumn Chimney Clogs

In the fall months, chimneys can clog with fallen leaves, branches, and other debris that are characteristic of the season’s climate.

The twigs and leaves don’t always fall into the chimney of their own accord, either. As the warm weather wanes, animals such as squirrels, birds, raccoons, bees, and even bats will begin looking for cozy places to shelter themselves from the cold. Frequently, not only can these critters wind up living in your chimney, but they will commonly build nests made from the debris mentioned above.

Besides local flora and fauna, creosote is also an ever-present cause of chimney clogs. As a toxic substance that forms as a natural byproduct of your fireplace, it is essential to make sure that your chimney is clean of the residue before lighting up your fireplace this season.

Signs You May Have a Blocked Chimney

One red flag that you might have a chimney blockage is the smell of smoke while your fireplace is burning, as this could signify that the fire is burning up something more than just wood. Excessive soot can also be a giveaway, as it could be the result of the smoke from the fire being unable to escape up the flue.

Water streaks can also signal the presence of a clog. The leaves and other plant materials could likely be wet, causing water to drip down into the fireplace.

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