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Licensed Masonry Contractor in Newtown, PA

Stone pointing and brick pointing is a phrase used to describe a type of finish masonry contractors use to build a home. Often lime is used to make the mortar used for laying brick or stone, this is dependent on how old the building is. Older buildings can be subject to damage that is irreparable if pointing is done incorrectly. When in need of masonry repair in Southampton, PA Above All Chimney & Masonry is the place to call.

Masonry Installations & Repairs in Richboro, PA

Our masonry contractors understand when the former mortar wears away, repointing becomes necessary. Many aging buildings in Newtown and Richboro, PA are made from stone and brick. These aging buildings may now be starting to show some symptoms which prove the need for repointing.

Masonry contractors in Newtown and Richboro, PA use units made of products from baked clay and concrete. They also work with manufactured and natural stone, fire brick, terra cotta, glass, and concrete.

Above All Chimney & Masonry performs the following masonry repairs:

  • Stone pointing
  • Brick pointing
  • Brick walkways
  • Brick repairs

What Is The Reason For Stone Pointing And Brick Pointing?

Our masonry contractors in Richboro and Newtown, PA use pointing techniques when conducting building maintenance. As a building ages, the mortar joints can start to disintegrate and crack. Mortar that has become defective needs to be replaced by fresh mortar.

The professional masonry contractors at Above All Chimney & Masonry offer masonry work at prices that are both competitive and affordable. Masonry contractors use mortar for stone and brick pointing. It is also used for the binding of stones or bricks when forming a structure. In addition, mortar is useful for laying stones and bricks, and constructing patios, walkways, or steps.

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