Keep Birds and Animals Out of Your Chimney This Winter

During the wintertime, most of us can appreciate being able to kick back and relax next to a roaring fireplace, safe from the seasonal frost outside. The trouble is, though, that many local animals do, too!

As the outdoor temp continues to drop, many homeowners may have to deal with birds and other animals setting up house inside their chimney to take advantage of the warmth and protection it offers.

Courtesy of Above All Chimney & Masonry, your prime source for chimney service in Montgomery County, PA, our team offers some guidelines for how to deal with woodland critters looking to get into your family’s chimney.


The Best Way to Keep Animals Out

To keep animals such as raccoons, birds, squirrels, and bats from getting into your chimney, stainless steel chimney caps with wire mesh are the absolute best solution. Make sure that the mesh is small enough to keep birds and mammals from getting stuck in the mesh, but still large enough to allow the by-products of combustion from your fireplace to escape from your chimney.

As an added bonus, a chimney cap can also prevent water penetration. Chimney caps are available in different metals and styles, and can give you protection and peace of mind.


What If an Animal Has Already Gotten In?

If an animal does manage to get into your chimney, never attempt to trap and retrieve it yourself, nor smoke the animal out. Not only could doing so be potentially dangerous, but some animal species in Pennsylvania are protected by law, such as the Northern Flying Squirrel and Blackpoll Warbler, and killing or injuring them could carry stiff penalties. Further, animals that are stuck in chimneys often end up dying, leaving behind unwelcome odors.

To avoid all of these issues, we strongly recommend that you contact one of our qualified professionals if you have an animal or bird infestation in your home’s chimney so that we can take care of the problem safely and effectively.

Whether you’re in need of a chimney cleaning or fireplace repairs in Philadelphia, call Above All Chimney & Masonry today at ​215-664-8884.

To learn about some of the animals that commonly build nests in Pennsylvania chimneys, watch our video:

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