I Scheduled A Chimney Sweep … Now What?

Fall is the ideal time to start huddling up by the fire with family or friends and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Without regular chimney maintenance, this isn’t possible. Time, as well as weather are causes of chimney damage. It isn’t easy to identify whether or not your chimney is in good condition from the outside. If you live near or around Philadelphia, you’ll want to schedule a chimney sweep with Above All Chimney & Masonry.

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment for a chimney cleaning, there are some things you can do to prepare that will allow the chimney sweep to go more smoothly.

Clear the mantel. Remove any picture frames, knick knacks or whatever is resting on your mantel. Doing this will help our team member service your chimney faster while making sure none of your belongings are accidentally broken during the process. Also, please remove any other items that you have around the hearth, as well as wood or gas that is still inside the fireplace.

Cover the furnishings. Our technician will cover areas close to the fireplace with robust linen or sponge blocks. We use an industrial vacuum cleaner that prevents dust from escaping into the room. However, we encourage you to cover any valuable household items and delicate furniture nearby with plastic or sheets, just in case.

Think about what questions you want to ask. Before our chimney sweep expert arrives, think about what questions you have regarding your chimney. You might even want to write them down, so you don’t forget. You won’t forget to ask something, forcing you to remain in the dark, or having to call us back later, which you are more than welcome to do to make sure you understand everything.

Our experienced staff will meticulously inspect the entire structure for any issues. We’ll provide a thorough report of the inspection which includes an estimate of the repairs we recommend.

Have you had your chimney cleaned for this fall? If you are in need of a chimney cleaning in Philadelphia or another nearby area, contact us at Above All Chimney & Masonry.

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