Stone Pointing in Feasterville, PA

stone pointing trevose paWhen you have stone or brick fixtures in your Bucks County home, the foundation and construction of the stone is susceptible to damage through the years. As you begin to notice wear and decay, stone pointing will improve the appearance of your home and preserve the masonry.

Here at Above All, our masons in Feasterville, PA utilize the proper materials to mold the repointed stone into your existing structure. Our stone tuck-pointing seals out moisture and water that has damaged your mortar. As a durable material, stone is resistant to water infiltration, but the mortar that pieces together your stone in Trevose, PA is vulnerable to damage.

With the changing weather conditions in Feasterville, PA, the mortar in your stonework will deteriorate. We understand your investment in stone, and provide services for brick pointing or stone pointing in Trevose, PA, to return that aesthetic appeal and protect your investment.

Brick Pointing in Philadelphia

One of the biggest factors that goes into stone pointing in Philadelphia or Montgomery County, PA is the matching of colors. Every stone has varying textures and colors, and when you entrust Above All, you can be sure the restored stone will be an accurate match to your existing material.

Whether you need stone or brick pointing, we will place mortar into the joints for an increased lifespan of the structure. When your mortar is exposed to the weathering, our brick pointing will successfully improve resistance to water and moisture.

When your stone structure is properly pointed, it will retain an attractive and admirable look for years to come. If you see cracks or damage in your stone, our experienced masons in Trevose, PA and the Philadelphia area will conduct a full examination of your stone to determine what repairs or re-pointing needs to be made.

Stone Pointing in Bucks County, PA

To preserve and improve the look of your stone walkway or structure, brick pointing and stone pointing in Bucks County or Montgomery County, PA is essential. Our stonework strengthens the joints in your mortar to keep the construction of the stone in top condition.

No job is too big for our professionals, and our quality workmanship will result in a positive experience for your stonework near Feasterville, PA. We take pride in our ability to preserve your stone masonry and eliminate any damage through our detail-oriented work.

All of our projects are completed within budget and on time. Schedule a free estimate with our experienced and dedicated masons to help you understand how to preserve the stone and maintain its strength. We’re proud to serve you with appealing stonework in the Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA area.

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