Don’t Forget To Fix Your Chimney’s Damaged Locktop Damper This Spring!

Though many of the customers who call upon our experts at Above All Chimney & Masonry for chimney service in Montgomery County, PA don’t realize the intricacies of their home’s chimney, there are many components and contraptions which allow their chimney to function correctly.

When even a single aspect of a customer’s chimney is damaged or malfunctioning, there is cause for concern not only in terms of requiring a costly repair if not addressed quickly and efficiently but more importantly, the safety and security of one’s home and family are at risk the next time they fire up their fireplace for some warmth.

As the most trusted provider of chimney cleanings and fireplace repairs throughout Montgomery County, PA, our highly-skilled team of masonry technicians encourage customers and homeowners to have their chimneys inspected to assess which areas may require maintenance. One particular chimney component which should be evaluated annually is the locktop damper cap.

Locktop Dampers, also referred to as top sealing dampers, serve a few important purposes and can be found on top of the flue poking out of one’s rooftop. These particular styles of damper caps are designed to not only allow proper ventilation for the smoke to escape from one’s home, but it also prevents debris and animals from entering into the chimney.

The Dangers of a Damaged Damper Cap

-Chimneys without a functioning damper will make an opening entrance for birds and debris, which can quickly clog the flue, obstructing the exit path for toxic fireplace exhaust fumes.

-Locktop dampers that are not adequately sealed will also allow rain to enter, causing costly water damage that may require extensive and expensive repair efforts if gone unnoticed.

-Without a damper that opens and closes properly, a chimney can not function properly, which will not only increase the likelihood of a house fire, but a damper that was constructed correctly serves to create a stronger draft to minimize the combustion of fireplace gasses.

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Chimneys are an incredible addition to any home, creating a cost-effective heating solution for one’s family when given the care and maintenance required to ensure safe use throughout the winter months. To find out more information about all of the services offered by Above All Chimney & Masonry, give our experts a call at 215-664-8884 or fill out a contact form to receive your FREE estimate today!       


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