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Why Does My Chimney Smell?

The fireplace is your escape from the worries of the world. When sitting by a roaring fire, problems seem to melt away as the warming glow and crackling fire help clear your mind. Yet, what happens when your escape begins to smell? Well, there are several reasons a fireplace will begin to emit unpleasant odors. With proper care and regularly scheduled maintenance, you can avoid having your escape turn into a smelly nightmare!

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The Cold, Hard Truth: How Ice Dams Can Be Dangerous for Chimneys

Anyone with a chimney knows that having a chimney comes with extra maintenance considerations. At Above All Chimney & Masonry, we have built a business upon a foundation of providing exceptional service to our customers so they can get the most out of their chimneys without all the extra headache. One of the biggest concerns for chimney owners is ice dams. 

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