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How Can You Get Your Chimney Ready For Spring?

Winter has drawn to a close, and as the weather warms and people shed their heavy coats and crack their windows for the first time this season, many homeowners will also begin essential seasonal maintenance on their chimneys. Winter weather and heavy use can take a toll on your chimney, and it is a good annual practice to ensure that it is still in shape for the rest of the year, and to fix any damage that may have occurred. Diligent spring maintenance from a qualified chimney service in Montgomery County PA can help you avoid more serious repair issues and keep your chimney working well for years to come. Take a look at the video below to see why you should schedule your spring maintenance now:

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What Are the Benefits of Brick & Stone Pointing?

When your property has features made of brick, stone, or other hardscaping materials, it’s important to touch it up once in a while with a service known as brick and stone pointing. As the leading providers of brick and stone pointing in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Above All Chimneys has a thorough understanding of the many nuances of hardscaping materials. After reviewing the video for signs your masonry needs repointing, continue reading below as we examine three of the most notable benefits of brick and stone pointing services:

3 Benefits of Brick & Stone Pointing

1. Repair Damaged Mortar

After spending years exposed to the elements, the mortar holding your stonework together may start to deteriorate. When that happens, you should consider looking into pointing services for your stone or brick property features. Not sure how to tell when your mortar is deteriorating? Rub a key across the mortar joint to see if any powdery material comes off — if it does, it might be time to call for pointing services, not just for the sake of protecting the integrity of your stone structures, but also to enhance their appearance. 

2. Restore the Beauty of Brick & Stone

We understand that each wall and hardscaping structure is comprised of varying textures and colors. So, when performing stone and brick pointing services in Philadelphia, our contractors pay close attention to ensure that they provide an accurate color match. When pointed properly, your stone structures are able to sustain a clean, polished look for many years to come. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about any catastrophic damage when you point before it’s too late. 

3. Prevent More Costly Damage

Brick and stone pointing can save you a lot of money if you get it done before more serious damage develops. If you ignore signs of damaged mortar and neglect to maintain your stone structures, they will eventually deteriorate to a point where appearance is a secondary issue to structural integrity. If one of your stone structures gets to that point, the only likely fix will be to tear it down and rebuild. 

If you are a homeowner or property owner who has stone structures that could use pointing services, you know who to call — Above All Chimney & Masonry. To learn more about our brick and stone pointing services, contact us today for additional information!

What Causes a Chimney to Lean?

As the leading provider of chimney flue repair near Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, Above All Chimneys & Masonry is well-versed in all the classic signs that something’s wrong with a chimney. There’s a draft, smoke won’t go up the chimney, rainwater finds its way in the house — we’ve seen it all! Today, we’ll focus on a particular problem that is a severe cause of concerns for homeowners — a leaning chimney. 

A chimney that’s sagging or buckling has potential drawbacks; dislodged and falling bricks can cause property damage or personal injury, bugs and other vermin can enter through exposed cracks, precipitation has a higher chance of resulting in severe water damage…the list goes on and on. While some homeowners may slab on some caulk and call it a day, any DIY solutions are only temporary. As soon as you notice signs of chimney damage or foundation failure, call on Above All Chimney & Masonry as quickly as possible.

Why Would a Chimney Lean?

The bricks and stones used to construct chimneys are undoubtedly weighty, which is why they need dedicated concrete footing to support the extra weight. Check out this infographic some common culprits that compromise your chimney or its concrete foundation, and continue reading to learn more about how Above All Chimney & Masonry can help you and your home.

How Do You Repair a Leaning Chimney?

A well-installed chimney can destabilize over time through wear and tear and the natural settling of a home, especially in older properties. That being said, leaning chimneys require immediate intervention by a licensed chimney repair contractor. A standard solution we employ involves the installation of helical piers to underpin the entire structure. After, we apply clasps and brackets throughout the chimney to reinforce an upright structure.

What To Do When Your Chimney Is Starting to Lean

Chimneys are often the heaviest part of a home. When your home is need of foundation repair, a leaning chimney can be one of the first signs you’ll notice. If the issue isn’t addressed in a timely fashion, the problem can worsen, and the weight of the chimney can damage more of your property and continue to place a tremendous amount of pressure on your foundation. If your chimney is leaning, tilting, or even becoming detached from your home, it’s in your best interest to have one of our experienced contractors inspect it. For more information about chimney or fireplace restoration near Philadelphia, contact Above All Chimney & Masonry today!

Do I Need a Chimney Cleaning This Winter?

As a leading provider of chimney cleaning near Philadelphia, Above All Chimneys understands the importance of a properly working chimney. Winter may have just begun, but it’s never too early to have your home prepared for the cold weather and snow. Take a look at this infographic on why you should get your chimney professionally cleaned before snowy weather is in full force. Continue reading to learn even more about how Above All Chimneys can keep you and your family safe all year long.

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Get Your Chimney in Tip-Top Shape for the New Year

Brick chimneys are excellent additions to homes for adding warmth and elegance to a kitchen, dining room, or living room. They add luxury to a building and serve as a social hub were families and friends can gather and enjoy the warmth that they provide. As the leading provider of chimney cleaning in Philadelphia, we know how essential it is to keep chimney areas maintained for safety and aesthetic purposes. Below are some advantages of regular chimney maintenance.

Increased Safety for Home Heating

Creosote is a byproduct of the combustion process within a fireplace. As this material is deposited inside your chimney, the efficiency of the structure decreases. As more cool air circulates, the energy efficiency of your chimney continues to decline, meaning that you have to burn more wood to stay warm.

Additionally, insects, rodents, and small birds can get trapped in the flue, preventing toxic fumes from escaping your home. This increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is also known as the ‘silent killer.’ 

Every year, more than 200 people die as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America. By scheduling a professional chimney cleaning, a chimney sweep can clear out all the creosote and blockages, increasing the efficiency of your fireplace and lowering the risk of toxic fumes entering your home.

Prevent Expensive Repairs

Wood burning fireplaces can climb to temperatures of over 1100°F. This heat creates bits of wood, ash, soot, and particles that are all byproducts of the combustion process and can smother the flue liner, damper, smoke shelf, and masonry with grime, dirt, and contaminants.

By working with a professional chimney sweep, you can reduce levels of wear and tear on all components, decreasing the chances of needing costly repairs and replacements. Additionally, a thorough chimney cleaning can help to identify any masonry problems before they become larger, more expensive repairs.

Don’t leave your chimney area unsafe this winter, schedule a professional inspection and cleaning. These services take less than an hour to complete and could potentially save lives.

For additional information, or for fireplace repairs in the Philadelphia area, contact a member of our team today.