Above All Chimney Presents: The Chimney & Masonry Quiz

Chimney maintenance is an important, commonly overlooked process. Chimney cleanings require specialists that are hard working and meticulously trained. Practice makes perfect, and Above All Chimney & Masonry has been perfecting their craft for over three decades. To learn more about our business and services, take the below quiz to see how you “stack” up against the competition when it comes to Philadelphia chimney and masonry knowledge.


Here is our Chimney & Masonry Quiz:

1- Chimney fires can reach up to ___ degrees Fahrenheit.
A) 98
B) 2,000
C) 25,000



2- The world’s tallest chimney is in:
A) Greece
B) Kazakhstan
C) United States of America

3- A duct for smoke and other waste gasses produced by a fuel-burning installation is known as a:
A) Flue
B) Slide

4- Masonry is resistant to fire, earthquakes and sound.



5-  Which of the following is not part of a chimney:
A) Crown
B) Smoke Shelf
C) Kidney



6- Masonry is difficult to recycle.

7- Brick is composed of:
A) Shale and clay
B) Steel and glue
C) Peanut butter and jelly



8- Above All Chimney & Masonry has been around since 1993. Which of these songs was new/popular that year:
A) Adele – Hello
B) Tag Team – Whoomp! (There It Is)
C)The Beatles – Hey Jude



9- Above All Chimney & Masonry offers free estimates.


10- Above All Chimney & Masonry is located in Langhorne, PA, which is closest [in distance] to which of the following shopping hubs:
A) Oxford Valley Mall
B) King of Prussia Mall
C) Mall of America


Time to check the answer key to see how you did…

  1. 1 = B
  2. 2 = B
  3. 3 = A
  4. 4 = A
  5. 5 = C
  6. 6 = B
  7. 7 = A
  8. 8 = B
  9. 9 = A
  10. 10 = A


The Results:

0-5 Correct Answers – Keep on trying! To learn more about our trade, give us a call anytime!

6-9 Correct Answers – Great job! You are almost a Philadelphia chimney sweep expert!

10 Correct Answers – PERFECT?! NO WAY! YOU DID IT! AMAZING!


We hope you learned something and had fun along the way. Above All Chimney takes pride in going the extra mile for our customers. We feel it is important that readers understand exactly who they are working with and what they are getting. Transparency and honesty are key, and we appreciate your time and attention. If you have any ideas, feedback or questions, contact us today at 215-664-8884 or email chimneyrich12@verizon.net. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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