A Couple of Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

You feel it. It’s coming. Brisk breezes are foreshadowing the frigid weather that is on its way. It feels like an overnight shift from beaches and bathing suits to coats and cocoa. Where did the fall go? Did winter bully its way into October? Something’s not right.


Although we cannot change the weather, we can prepare accordingly. Here are two way to keep yourself warm this winter:

  • Stay Inside – Duh. You may be thinking, “thanks Captain Obvious!” Let us clarify. Stay inside your home, especially one that is equipped with a fully-functional chimney. Above All Chimney is one call away to assist with chimney cleaning if you need it. If you do not have a chimney, electric, gas, or wood pellet heating will suffice.

    TV shows you and your family can watch while inside:
    Modern Family – This ABC award-winner is in its eighth season and provides comedic relief from start to finish. This show is well-written, and perfect for any family.

    Luke Cage – This new Netflix series produced by Marvel has been the talk of the town. If you, your kids, or your friends enjoy superheroes, this show is a must-add to your viewing queue.

    Football – Winter is prime time for NFL and NCAA football. Cheer on your Philadelphia Eagles, Temple Owls, or whatever team you prefer. BONUS TIP – Order chicken wings.
  • Hot Beverages – After returning home on a cold day, nothing brings you back to life like a fiery drink. And by fiery, we don’t mean spicy. We mean warm in regards to temperature (however, a Bloody Mary may be worth adding to the menu on some mornings).

    Some hot beverages we recommend include:

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    Hot ChocolateNothing does the trick quite like this timeless classic. Kids, adults, and adult-kid hybrids never get sick of this delicious, refreshing treat. Hot cocoa is ideal after a day working (or playing) in the snow. BONUS TIP: Add marshmallows.

    CoffeeA December morning isn’t a December morning without a nice tall, steamy cup of Joe. Boost your energy in the AM, and wind down with some decaf before you wrap yourself in blankets and read yourself to bed.

    TeaSo many flavors, so little time. Tea is great to help fight off both cold weather and colds in general. Add a little honey and a cough drop, and say goodbye to that nagging congestion for a few hours.

While these tips may not be groundbreaking discoveries, they are good to know. As you can see, we are a lot more than just a chimney sweep service. We offer recommendations ranging from sitcoms to masonry repair. For more information about us and a full scope of our offerings, visit http://aboveallchimneys.com or cal 215-396-4294 today.

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