6 Ways to Stay Safe When Burning Wood in a Fireplace

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as cuddling up beside a real fireplace. If this is your first time owning a home with a fireplace, though, you might not know how to take care of it properly. Here are a few tips to help you and your family stay safe and cozy!

Choose the Right Wood

You can’t just chop down a tree and start piling its branches in your fireplace. All of the logs that you burn must be cured and dry. That means that the wood should be split, stacked in an elevated location and covered on top — but not on the sides — for six to 12 months.

Place Your Logs Using the Top-Down Method

Start a fire that uses less smoke and burns more efficiently with the top-down method.

  1. Place the largest logs at the rear of the fireplace on a support grate.
  2. Stack 4 to 5 smaller layers until the stacked wood is half the height of your fireplace.
  3. Set the lightest shavings of wood on top of the pile.

Stop Sparks and Embers

A fireplace screen will catch sparks and embers before they jump out onto your floor. Traditional mesh screens are low maintenance and available in several styles. Modern glass screens provide extra protection for your home.

Put a Cap on Your Chimney

Chimney caps will release smoke while keeping rain and snow out, protecting your home from moisture damage. A cap also prevents animals like birds, raccoons and snakes from making a home in your chimney. Some caps can even stop dangerous sparks and embers from escaping and hitting your roof.

Trim Back Your Trees

Prune your trees once a year to ensure that your branches are at least 15 feet away from your chimney. This simple landscaping will keep the top of your fireplace clear of leaves, pine needles and other flammable debris.

Give Your Chimney An Annual Check-Up

At least once a year, your chimney should be inspected and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep. An expert should thoroughly examine your:

  • Cap
  • Flue
  • Crown
  • Damper
  • Smoke chamber
  • Smoke shelf

Now is the best time to receive a chimney cleaning and any necessary chimney repairs near Philadelphia! Clearing up issues during the summer will ensure that you can enjoy your fireplace when cooler months arrive.

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