5 Activities To Do By The Fireplace

Fireplace season has arrived, and while their main purpose is to provide heat, they are also great places to set up shop as you indulge in some family fun. In this blog, we will make some recommendations of things to do while you sit in front of the fire this winter.


  • Roast Marshmallows – You don’t need to be outside to have a campfire. Grab some lumber, a matchbook, and some sticks for your marshmallows – it’s time to roast. If you are having friends over, you can even ‘roast’ each other by cracking jokes and reliving stories from the good ole’ days. (Roast means joke around – Do not actually place your friends near the fire.)

    Oh, and, always make sure an adult starts the fire and supervises if it’s only kids involved in the indoor campfire. Before you have guests, let us know.

  • Tell Ghost Stories – Ghost stories and roasted marshmallowy goodness go together like Batman and Robin. Snowy nights are the perfect time to gather your group together to share spooky stories, urban legends, and even celebrity gossip. Challenge each other to create your own horror tales, and see who can deliver the best performance.
  • Family PhotosThe fireplace is a classic backdrop for family photos, especially during the holiday season. Get your best sweaters, khakis, and smiles ready – These may end up on magnets, keychains, or post cards. If you notice any dislodged bricks or stones, let us know and we will come repair your masonry in Philadelphia, Bucks County, and everywhere else nearby.
  • Play Games – Soak in some warmth while you partake in board games, card games, or arts and crafts. These activities keep party guests (and their kids) busy for hours on end. Some games we recommend include Monopoly, Apples To Apples, Guess Who, and Go Fish. Keep it friendly, and if you’re feeling adventurous enjoy some eggnog or hot chocolate. 
  • Clean The Fireplace – Just kidding. That task is best left to the experts (like us!) While we clean the fireplace, you can start organizing your marshmallows, stories, photos, and games.


We take pride in handling the dirty work so you can spend time having fun. If you have any other fireplace activities, submit them to chimneyrich12@verizon.net. If you need assistance with brick pointing or fireplace cleaning in your Philadelphia or Bucks County home, call Above All Chimney at 215-396-4294.

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