4 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair

Sometimes it can be almost impossible to spot signs that your chimney needs repairing. However, by scheduling regular maintenance checks, homeowners can avoid house fires and having their chimneys collapse, two potentially hazardous problems. Here at Above All Chimney & Masonry, we provide a range of services including chimney repair, flue repair, and brick pointing in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding area.

Below are some telltale signs that your chimney may need to be repaired:

Bricks Falling Into Your Yard Area

Have you noticed full bricks or parts of bricks falling from your chimney into your yard area? If so, your chimney is spalling. Spalling can be fixed by having a professional remove and replace all damaged bricks and add a waterproof sealant to prevent any future damage from occurring. The benefit of having a professional undertake this work is that they can check for any other problems that may cause further damage to your chimney’s structural integrity.

Warped or Discolored Wallpaper Around the Chimney Area

If the wallpaper beneath your chimney stack is showing signs of discoloration or warping, this could be a signal that your chimney is letting in water. If the chimney crown is cracked or damaged, water can leak through and run down your chimney and into your home. Chimney leaks are a common cause of damaged wallpaper, so we recommend calling a professional the second you notice any changes occurring.

White Staining/Efflorescence

White discoloration present on the exterior of a chimney is called efflorescence. This staining is a sign of moisture problems within the masonry. If this moisture isn’t dealt with professionally, the chimney is likely to deteriorate. This could lead to further issues as the structural integrity of the chimney becomes increasingly compromised.


If you notice rust appearing on your damper or firebox, it’s another sign of excess moisture within your chimney. This rust could be due to cracked flue tiles letting water enter into our home. Chimney sweeps use professional camera equipment to inspect the flue lining and make sure that there are no serious issues that could cause a house fire or any other type of dangerous situation.

Watch our video to see what these signs look like: 

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