4 Signs Your Chimney Is In Need of Repair

Although a chimney is typically a sturdy, worry-free part of your home, problems can and will still arise. A chimney that is in need of repair should be treated as quickly as possible. One that is damaged can be a major fire hazard. The following four signs indicate that your chimney may be in need of repair.

White Staining – The white staining found on a chimney is called efflorescence. Efflorescence is an indicator of excess moisture in your chimney. While it is fairly simple to remove the stains, cleaning the chimney isn’t going to eliminate the moisture problem. If the issue is not addressed quickly, premature degradation of your chimney will most likely occur, as well as lead to other major problems with moisture.

Damaged Mortar Joints – Damaged mortar joints must be repaired as soon as they are spotted. When mortar weakens, the chimney is exposed to increased moisture. The increased moisture helps accelerate the weakening of the entire chimney. Added moisture helps lead to cracks in freezing weather. Larger cracks develop once the freezing weather is over. The entire chimney can be in danger of collapsing if damaged mortar is not repaired.

Rust – Similar to white staining, rust is a clear sign of a buildup of moisture within your chimney. Although not common like white efflorescence, rust should also be cleaned and treated as soon as possible. If your chimney damper is not sealed well or operate like normal, that is a sign that there is rust damage that is not visible. Cracked flue ties can also be the result of rust damage in your chimney.

Damaged Wallpaper – Any damage on the wallpaper near your chimney is a huge, easy to spot sign that there is something wrong with your chimney. Just like the previous three tips, damaged wallpaper near a chimney is usually the result of moisture buildup. Hold off on using your fireplace until repairs are made to the chimney or flue.

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