4 Safety Tips for Using a Fireplace

Autumn leaves are falling relentlessly here on the East Coast, and along with them comes the cold chill of the approaching winter. Predictably, many families here in Pennsylvania are putting away their air conditioners in favor of the chimney and fireplace.

If you and your family have a fireplace in your home, it’s crucial to educate yourself and to take the proper safety precautions when using it. Courtesy of our team here at Above All Chimney & Masonry, your premier source for chimney flue repair in Philadelphia, here are some tips for burning your fireplace responsibly and safely.


  1. Beware of Fumes

When you’re running a fireplace, it’s crucial to have a functioning smoke detector, even if you have a properly clear chimney to funnel out the fumes. Accidents can happen even with the most well-functioning fireplaces, making it important to always be aware.


  1. Prevent Fires with Annual Inspections

Yearly inspections of your chimney are necessary to keep the fireplace functioning safely. A professional chimney sweep from Above All Chimneys will be able to perform a thorough chimney cleaning for your Philadelphia home, helping you avert too much creosote buildup and possible chimney fires.

To learn how to recognize some common signs of chimney fires, check out our video below:

  1. Keep Away Combustible Materials

Many fireplace models will produce a lot of heat, so be sure to maintain a safe distance from the fire. Keep household items at least two feet away from the fireplace. We also recommend employing a safety screen to help avoid accidents with children or pets.


  1. Know the Health Issues

Even natural wood fireplaces have been known to aggravate the symptoms of some individuals with asthma or other respiratory issues. If you or someone in your household lives with respiratory problems, speak with your doctor about how to avoid possible complications from the burning wood’s resulting fumes.

If you are interested in scheduling a chimney cleaning in the Greater Philadelphia area, don’t hesitate to give the professionals here at Above All Chimney & Masonry a call today at ​215-664-8884 for a free estimate.

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