4 Common Summer Chimney Problems to Watch Out For

Being that most of us use our fireplaces in the winter, it would seem like the best time to schedule a chimney inspection would be sometime in the fall. Taking care of this during the summer may make us feel like we’re jumping the gun.

However, there are solid reasons to schedule check-ups earlier than autumn. In one of our recent posts, we discussed some of the benefits of planning an inspection for spring, such as the shorter waiting period. In this month’s blog, we’ll talk briefly about some of the chimney problems that are unique to the summertime that may warrant inspections, cleaning, and possible fireplace repairs for your Montgomery County home.

1) Summer storm damage

Storm damage to chimneys tends to be most common during the summer due to the frequency of thunderstorms and high winds. If the chimney crown or chimney flashing become damaged without being discovered, it can cause more severe structural issues down the road such as moisture damage to the roof or deterioration of the chimney’s masonry.

2) Birds’ nests

Oftentimes, migrating birds will build nests in the chimneys of local Pennsylvania homes. Not only can a chimney-cleaning service such as Above All Chimney & Masonry assist with safely removing any birds’ nests, but they can also do so while navigating any legal impediments to their removal. There are often legal restrictions regarding the removal of certain native birds; the violation of which can incur hefty fines, making the advice of an experienced professional highly useful.

3) Bad odors emanating from chimneys

During the spring and summer, moisture can mix with the toxic creosote lining your chimney, resulting in an unpleasant smell that can be exacerbated even further by the summer heat and humidity. If you notice such odors in your home, scheduling a professional cleaning may be in order.

4) Animals and bugs

Besides bee infestations, the warm summer months can also invite other chimney pests such as squirrels and raccoons. Strange, unpleasant smells wafting from the fireplace can often signify the presence of such infestations.

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