4 Animals That You You’ll Hopefully Never See in Your Chimney

Have you ever heard a rustling around the house that you couldn’t identify? Some squeaks you just couldn’t pinpoint? Whether the noise is coming from behind the walls, inside your chimney, or your imagination, it’s worth investigating.

From mold to mice there are many small living organisms that can make their way down your home’s exhaust tunnels, but this blog will discuss four of the bigger animals that are occasionally find nesting in your chimney.

  1. Birds – If you have a bird (or birds) inside your chimney, chances are you know about it. Their loud wings flapping around. If you have a smoke cap on the top of your chimney, it will be hard for them to get inside, but they do try to nest above the chimney to have a place to set up a nest and hide from predators. Nests can become flammable hazards that need to be taken care of immediately.

  2. Bats – Bats are similar to birds in the sense that if they infiltrate your chimney, they will be loud and chaotic as they try to escape. Plus, if they find their way into your home, the whole family will likely search for cover until an animal extraction specialist comes.

  3. Squirrels – Squirrels are occasionally found in or on chimneys that are in close proximity to trees. To avoid this, Above All Chimney will check your entire chimney and provide repairs and installations if need be.

  4. Raccoons – Rapid, rambunctious raccoons tend to find their way in plenty of weird places. While they are often portrayed going through the trash, they will end up in chimneys from time to time.

To make sure animals survive and your family has a clean bill of health, it’s important to utilize chimney cleaning experts like us to check on your chimney every year. If we see cracks in the bricks or other potentially dangerous conditions, we will happily fix those too. We are known for our chimney sweeps and masonry services in Bucks County and all of the neighboring communities. For more information visit http://aboveallchimneys.com today!

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