4 Animals That Can Cause Chimney Damage This Spring

Along with warmer temperatures and April showers, animals will be coming out of hibernation or returning from a winter in the south, you’ll be seeing more paws, claws and tails soon!

While these animals may be cute, the search for a perfect home to raise their young can easily lead them to your chimney! Companies providing brick pointing in Langhorne, PA can help you check and see if your chimney is protected and also repair damage caused by animals. Four of the most common critters that may try to move in with you this spring include…

  • Birds. Birds love to nest in chimneys because it provides a safe haven from both predators and unsavory weather conditions. However, birds’ nests can block the flue of your chimney, making it unsafe.
  • Bats. A cold interior + a dark and cozy environment = a bat’s dream! Bats are notorious for taking up shelter inside chimneys, especially during mating season. Never try to remove bats on your own, as many carry rabies.
  • Raccoons. Raccoons are excellent climbers, which means that if you have a hole in your chimney, a raccoon may be able to squeeze through and build a nest. Inspect the exterior of your chimney, and call for masonry repair services in Bensalem, PA before a family of raccoons decide to move in!
  • Squirrels. Squirrels are notorious for using the chimney as an entry point in the home and wreaking havoc on furniture, carpeting and woodwork.

If you think you have an unexpected guest in your chimney, never try to remove them yourself. Contact a local wildlife professional or animal control for assistance, and make sure you schedule your annual chimney inspection with Above All Chimney and Masonry to avoid dealing with animals this spring!


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