3 Types of Chimney Damage Caused by Moisture

Spring is almost here! Everyone knows that April showers tend to bring May flowers, but they may also start to bring moisture damage to your chimney starting in March.

If you notice any of the following signs of moisture damage, make sure you contact our team at Above All Chimney & Masonry, the leaders in chimney repair for the Philadelphia region, to have any issue corrected before it becomes too late!

  • Spalling. Bricks are porous materials, meaning that they can absorb moisture relatively easily. After winter, bricks may start to break when absorbed water expands as the temperature rises. Spalling is much more than just a cosmetic issue and can cause structural breakdown of the chimney if left unchecked for too long. It can also affect the resale value of your home, as no buyer wants to purchase a home with a crumbling chimney. Custom brick-pointing from our experts can correct spalling.
  • Damage to mortar. Repeated cycles of water absorption, freezing and thawing can take a serious toll on your mortar. Over time, you may notice large cracks in the mortar between the bricks of your chimney. Crumbling mortar can put you and your home at risk, so make sure you call for chimney repair should you notice that your mortar is starting to fade.
  • Liner deterioration. If water is allowed to seep into the chimney, it can cause rusting and deterioration of your firebox. The most common reason for liner deterioration is the lack of a chimney cap, which prevents rainwater, snow, leaves and animals from entering your home through the chimney. A crack in the flue can also cause moisture to damage your liner. If you notice that your firebox damage is so severe that it’s showing rust, you should have a complete chimney inspection completed to ensure safety.

Noticing moisture damage in your chimney? Don’t panic! Call our team at Above All Chimney & Masonry at ​215-664-8884 for a free estimate and more information on our masonry services in Bucks County today!

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