3 Reasons Why Your Chimney May Be Leaking

As we begin transitioning away from summer days at the swimming pool and into a new school year with cooler weather and changing foliage, we’re going to start seeing more rain and moisture. While the break from the heat might feel refreshing, the new weather can also mean new problems for your chimney, especially leaks.

However, not all chimney leaks are made alike. The underlying cause of a leaky chimney could be any number of things. Courtesy of your source for high-quality chimney cleaning in Philadelphia, here is a list of causes that could be behind your chimney’s water woes.

1) No Cap or Chimney Cover

Chimney caps and covers are what prevent rainwater from penetrating into your chimney in the first place. It also impedes birds and other critters. Moreover, if you leave your chimney without a cover for an extended period, you could eventually end up with a blockage that stops up your chimney entirely. This, in turn, can cause your chimney to do more than just leak water. It could also cause CO to leak into your home!

2) Damaged Chimney Crown

The chimney crown, which is also designed to keep out water, can be a source of leaks if it accrues cracks. Even if a crack in the crown starts off as very small, it can become larger over time as the crown expands and contracts with the varying temperature of the changing seasons, eventually growing big enough to let water through.

3) Inner Condensation

This problem tends to be more common with older Pennsylvania homes. Sometimes, large, old chimneys that were originally designed for wood or coal fireplaces do not have updated lining to properly suit them for gas installations. This can cause the chimney’s interior to become moist from condensation, causing leaks an, potentially, other structural damage.

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