3 Reasons to Hire a Chimney Sweep in Philadelphia Before Winter

Although many of us don’t exactly look forward to the cold season setting in here in Pennsylvania, there are nonetheless a few things that most still appreciate about the winter season. If your family owns a fireplace, having the opportunity to gather around the soothing fire with a blanket and your favorite drink can be one of the most enjoyable wintertime activities – assuming that your chimney and fireplace are ready for the coming cold, that is.

Before you break out the fire logs and eggnog, hiring a chimney sweep in Philadelphia to come out and give your chimney a thorough inspection and cleaning can be a great way to ensure that your fireplace runs smoothly and safely this winter. Courtesy of Above All Chimney & Masonry, check out what our chimney sweeps in Bucks County, PA could do for your home before the frost sets in.


  1. Avoid the risk of fire

Over the year, your chimney can acquire buildups or creosote, not to mention accumulations of twigs, branches, leaves, and leftover debris from birds, squirrels, and other creatures. All of this buildup can become a real fire hazard once you begin using your fireplace more frequently during the winter, making it a good idea to schedule a professional cleaning.


  1. Satisfy your insurance requirements

Many homeowners’ insurance policies require that the chimney be professionally cleaned at least once a year. If not, your insurance company may not cover any damages sustained to your home in the event of a chimney-related fire. To avoid the risk of such an event, make sure that your professional chimney sweep provides with you proper documentation after each cleaning to keep for your records.


  1. Maximize your chimney’s efficiency

Chimneys that are filled with gunk and residue often burn poorly, heat the home unevenly, and do not ventilate smoke and other harmful gases properly. Not only can this be dangerous, but over time your furniture can become discolored and acquire a sticky residue from the internalized fumes.

Check out our video for more on how a thorough cleaning can boost your chimney’s performance:


Are you seeking a seasoned chimney sweep to clean and inspect your chimney before winter sets in? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Above All Chimney & Masonry today by calling ​215-664-8884 for a free estimate!

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