3 Reasons To Fix Your Fireplace Flue This Spring

For our customers and residents of Southeast Pennsylvania, there’s no better time than the early months of spring to seek out chimney repair in Philadelphia. Not only is it a good idea to service a chimney following months of continual use to remove the dangerous build ups of hazardous materials such as soot and creosote, but our chimney and masonry experts at Above All Chimney & Masonry can help discover any cracks, leaks, or damage which may have occurred throughout the winter season.

Here’s a quick video to show some of the warning signs that your chimney flue requires maintenance.

Catching a crack in the chimney early enough can prevent the need for extensive repair efforts down the line. Not only is it unsafe to use a fireplace which is not structurally sound, leaving a damaged chimney unrepaired can quickly lead to irreversible smoke & water damage to a home, putting homeowners and their families at risk when the temperatures being to drop next fall.

Why You Should Fix Your Flue

  1. 1. A flue serves the function as a duct opening for fireplace gases and exhausts to escape safely from homes when clogged or damaged, thick by-products of gas and wood burning such as creosote and soot can rapidly build up. Eventually, a clogged or damaged flue can lead to a structural fire spreading throughout the residence.
  2. 2. Cracks in your fireplace flue create openings which carbon monoxide, the hazardous by-product that is released during fireplace use, to spread throughout the home. Carbon monoxide is both odorless, and tasteless and can have life-threatening consequences in large doses or over long periods.
  3. 3. Traditionally, fixing a flue required the fireplace component to have a complete removal and new installation. This was a lengthy and expensive project to undertake; However, with advancements in industry repair technologies, there are alternative, more cost-effective servicing and repair options.

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With decades of sweepings and chimney flue repair in Philadelphia, our experts strive to make our customers’ homes safer and more secure after our work is complete. We offer a wide range of chimney & masonry cleaning, repair, and restoration services for homes throughout Southeast Pennsylvania and are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction from start to finish.

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