3 Animals That May Try to Move Into Your Chimney This Fall

If you hear rustling in your chimney this fall, it’s probably an animal trying to make a home in your chimney! Chimneys can be at risk for animal burrowing and nesting during the cooler months. If you’ve noticed unusual animal activity near or inside your chimney, remember to check your chimney for holes or any signs of degrading in your stone pointing in Philadelphia, and call animal control if any of these three common critters take shelter in your chimney.


  • Bats love cold and dark places, and to them, your chimney looks like an appealing cave. Bats commonly carry rabies, so if you have bats living in your chimney, call an animal control service; don’t try to remove them on your own. After the bats have been cleared out, installing a top sealing combination damper and cap. This completely seals off the flue when the chimney is not in use, which is necessary because bats can squeeze themselves into spaces as small as one-half inch wide.


  • Squirrels. Squirrels often move into chimneys and build small nests in holes in the mortar. If a nest is clogging your chimney, you’ll immediately be able to tell when a fire is lit, as a large amount of smoke will be produced. Squirrels can be kept out of your chimney by making sure that all your mortar is in shape and up to date, and by adding a heavy stainless steel chimney cover provided by your chimney sweep.


  • Raccoons. Raccoons might be cute, but they’re one of the animals that you should never attempt to remove on your own, as they can be aggressive and carry rabies. Only a licensed animal removal service should ever deal with raccoons. You can prevent raccoons from entering your chimney with a very heavy stainless steel chimney cover; don’t go with a cheap version, as raccoons will easily tear through aluminum covers.


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