Chimney Sweeps & Repair in Bucks County, PA

We have highly trained experts on staff, that can help you locate and fix problem areas of your chimneys to make sure your family and buildings are safe from fires and potentially poisonous exhaust.

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Chimney Inspections/ Certifications * We complete a full chimney safety inspection of your chimney and fireplace in Philadelphia or Bucks County, PA, and give you a copy of our inspection report. If the inspection reveals any unsatisfactory conditions, your sweep will give you a complete report and a written estimate for any repairs that are recommended. Our sweeps help maintain your indoor air quality.

We can do it all, from re-pointing to mortar repairs to fixing structural damage and brick repair in Montgomery County, PA. Above All takes the time to talk to you about what we’re seeing in our sweeps and inspection so you can make an informed decision when it comes to having us complete any necessary repairs in Bucks County, PA.

Chimney Flue Repair in Philadelphia

Our chimney cleaning in Philadelphia, Trevose, Bensalem, Feasterville or Montgomery County, PA, covers every facet of your chimney. Our sweeps are completed with the highest attention to detail to ensure you are entirely satisfied and your home is safe. Below are some of the areas we focus on in your cleaning.

Rain Caps
– Rain Cap is a hood that is screened to prevent rain and animals from getting in the flue and nesting there and damaging it.  It also helps to prevent down drafts and acts as a spark arrester.

– The top surface of the chimney that allows rain to flow off the top and not penetrate and deteriorate the masonry.

– This is the pipe or passage which vents the heater or fireplace. Your flue in Bucks County, PA is where the smoke goes up the chimney. The flue must be lined with terracotta or stainless steel or aluminum to prevent chimney fires from damaging the house or the outside of the chimney.

Smoke Shelf
– The shelf in the smoke chamber is located behind the damper, this is the place that dirt, creosote and animals will nest or come to rest.

Smoke Chamber
– The cone shaped area directly above the firebox and behind the standard damper. This area can have cracks, holes and gaps that can allow smoke and sparks to damage the framing around the fireplace and mantel area. We’re able to make repairs to avoid damage.

– The door or plate that shuts the chimney off from the firebox and the inside of the house.  Every chimney must have one and they must operate properly.  These can also be at the top of the chimney (Called a Locktop Damper)

fireplace repairs montgomery county paFireplace Repairs in Montgomery County, PA

– The area of the fireplace or woodstove where the fire actually occurs this is usually made of firebrick, or in a woodstove, steel.

– The area on the floor in front of a fireplace.  It will normally be some type of masonry material: stone, brick, slate or marble.  Most building and fire codes around Philadelphia, Trevose, Bensalem, Feasterville and Montgomery County, PA, call for it to extend at least 18″ away from the front of the fireplace.  This prevents sparks or burning logs from setting the floor on fire.  Fire resistant spark mats should always extend this area further.

– Where the stockings hang at Christmas.

– An area that allows ash or soot to be removed from a chimney or fireplace.

Materials used in chimney construction

Fire Brick
– A special brick that can take high temperatures.

– A clay material formed into round or square tubes to line the chimney.

– Cement that holds stone or bricks together.  It absorbs water easily and can then crack if the water in it freezes.

Chimney Liners
– A Stainless steel, aluminum or terracotta material that lines the inner surface of a chimney flue and prevents chimney fires from doing greater damage and toxic fumes from leaking into the house.  This is the part of a chimney that is most often damaged by chimney fires and water in Montgomery County, PA.

– A sheet or sleeve of thin metal that is fitted against the chimney and along the roof over the shingles.  It prevents leaking and damage from leaks.

Other Chimney Terms

– A transparent, oily liquid with a pungent odor.  Creosote results from burning wet or “Green” wood or from burning a fire at a low temperature (As in an insert or woodstove).  The creosote traps soot and adheres to the sides of the fire box and chimney flue liners and could cause a creosote fire.

– Removing heavy creosote buildup using special chemicals and a special cleaning tool.

– Fireplaces and chimneys manufactured in a factory and assembled on site.  They are made of metal and not masonry material.

– A metal box set away from a chimney or fireplace and connected to a flue by a pipe.

Fireplace Insert

– A Wood Stove deigned to fit or slop into a fireplace

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